Pre Order Ships in September Benartex Bee Haven By Rachel Rossi By The 1/2 Yard Meadow Toss Plum

  • $ 7.00

Bringing together natural beauty and modern design, Bee Haven will have you buzzing! Come pick a posy of Coneflowers and Clover as you breathe deep the aroma of Yarrow and Lavender. Find a soft spot in the meadow as you watch the bees and butterflies meander from bloom to bloom. And an added bonus - a coordinating 108” wide quilt back for finishing your quilts.
Designer Rachel Rossi created this enchanted meadow on an often overlooked substrate: unbleached quilting cotton. While you enjoy the natural imagery of this line you can feel great about how it was made. Removing the bleaching process saves tens of thousands of gallons of water! Please note these fabrics might present irregularities, they are minimally processed by design to keep a low environmental footprint.

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